October 9, 2019

Let’s discuss some of the darker sides of the VPN 



A virtual personal network is one of the internet providers, which makes sure that we remain free from all ill-legal varieties of the internet. This makes sure that we are connected with a specific internet connection. Mainly VPN is an internet service connector which ensures that we are related to the internet.


Like each and everything present in this world has its advantages and disadvantage added to it. Therefore let us discuss a few of them briefly.


Might be illegal in some countries- basically, there are mainly two VPN service providers around us. One is private, and the other is public. Therefore private owners of the internet connections might be blocked or ban for the usage in some of the countries. They might face jail or massive economic ban by using their private internet connections in other countries.


Reduce performance – whenever using a private VPN connector, we might face there tantrums and monopoly on regular occasions. Because of the problems arises due to their user interference, as sometimes they will take a long time to connect with their private users. Resulting in delayed results, and it might create many countless problems for them.


Difficult for business users- VPN is mainly used by solo users in high quantity, but when it comes to business usage. There are endless problems which business users can face. Therefore due to private owner’s complex usage and policies, hence for the usage of this service, an experienced team is required, which sometimes can bring enormous expenses for the users.


Costly- when considering about demerits than we have other points to add on. As the private owners of VPN connection can face many huge bucks as there are many expensive options when it comes to recharging. Whereas if anyone is willing for using the internet at higher speed, then we have to buy an additional router this router is quite expensive. We are making it very costly for private internet connectors to keep a better shape of budget.


Slow internet- private VPN connectors have low-security range with them. For additional security, they will have to put up on layers as a safeguard, which will result in slow internet speed. Because the fibers of the internet will be covered with security optical cables. Making a pain in the neck for private users and they will have to tackle with slow internet connection on regular intervals which majority of times are disheartening.


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